Spiral Charger Cable Protector


Atpati mobile phone cable protector is designed to protect your charger cables, cords such us: iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Android smartphones, Lightning, USB-C, micro USB devices and prevent the cable ends from ever breaking or detaching again. Our charger cable protector is made from highly flexible, eco-friendly silicone and rubber. The cable protector does not deform easily, and feels good to the touch. It is suitable for use on majority of computer and cellphone cables. You get 4 pieces of cable protectors when you buy this product, offering unmatched value for money.

7 Day Refund/Replacement Policy.

Delivery within 2-4 Days

  • Description

    Spiral Charger Cable Protector-4 Pieces

    Spiral Charger Cable Protector protects the charger cables of iphone, ipad and other phone cables too. It is made from genuine quality silicone. Looks authentic and durable. Now Protect the bending edged of your cables from wearing out. Here is how.

    Just buy the spiral charger protector on the bending edges and leave it there. They would adjust the bending according to their strength and your cables are protected. Simple.


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