Atpati Stylish Partywear Jhumki Earring For Women and Girls


Atpati Oxidised Earrings

  • Pair Of Jhumki
  • Jaipuri work
  • Superior Quality product.
  • Oxidized Earring
  • Color : multicolor
  • Base Metal Earring
  • Best Earring to buy online.
  • Shiny Finish
  • Delivery within 2-4 days.
  • 7 Day Replacement/Refund Policy.
  • Description

    Atpati Stylish Partywear Jhumki

    Atpati presents best earrings to buy online at affordable prices. Earrings are oxidized and made in a very stylish way so that shine lasts for longer. These earrings will increase your overall looks. The work done while making atpati earring is by hands carefully with a shiny and classy finish.

    Get atpati earrings from atpati store online.

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