Atpati Airpods Protective Case- Black Carrying Case


Brand: Atpati
Colour : Black
Features: Antishock, Antiscratch, Protect AirPods if falls accidentally
Material : Silicon (Anti-Slip material)
Suitable for : Airpods
Lightweight and Easy to Use
Device Type: Pouch
Delivery within 2-4 Days.

7 Day Replacement/Refund Policy.


  • Description

    Atpati Airpods Protective Case

    Protect your AirPods with Atpati Airpods Protective Case. Moreover, Easy to Use Airpod case. Lightweight, made of Silicone that makes it shockproof. The material is so soft that it avoids scratches on other mobile accessories.

    Also, Airpods protective case comes with anti-lost straps made of highly tensile material. There is a clip that can easily be tucked into backpacks, keychains, on the belt, etc. The metal clip assists you the do the physical work without worrying about the AirPods.

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